Sex, Lies and the Oakland Police Department

The Oakland Police Department is no stranger to controversy.  The department has earned its fair share of negative headlines over the years including the murder of Oscar Grant in 2009 who was shot in the back by a BART officer.  Between 2001 and 2011 the Department allegedly paid out $57 million to settle misconduct claims, lawsuits and settlements.  Approximately $11 million of that money was paid in connection with the 2003 Consent Decree, when the Oakland PD paid to settle approximately 120 allegations that a group of officers, known as the Rough Riders, violated the civil rights of the plaintiffs.  Officers with nicknames like ‘Batman’ and ‘Choker’ were accused of beating suspects, planting evidence, and manufactured evidence.  After the ‘Rough Riders’ consent decree the department was forced… read more →