Charges Involving Minors.

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Charges Involving Minors

Defending People Accused Of Offenses Involving Minors

Being accused of child molest or child abuse can have devastating consequences, professionally and personally.  We spend time with our clients, talking to them and learning everything we can about the case and the people involved.  Most child molest and child abuse crimes such as violations of Penal Code section 288 are felonies.  A child molestation conviction can result in prison time and registration as a sex offender for life.  If you or someone you know has been accused of child molest or child abuse you need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you.

In most child abuse and child molest cases there is only one witness, the alleged victim, and no other evidence to support the allegations.  In order to effectively defend against these accusations you and your lawyer have to build an effective defense strategy.  It is critical you entrust your defense against child molest and child abuse accusations to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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We know how to build the best possible defense to child molest allegations.  We have years of experience defending against allegations of sex crimes.  We can work to help you prevent these charges from being filed, work to persuade a district attorney to dismiss them, or, if necessary defend you at trial.

During this trying time, it is critical you entrust your defense against child molest or child abuse allegations to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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