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Pre-File Investigation

Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and IRS often investigate criminal allegations for months or years before they make a filing decision. The targets of these investigations frequently learn they are being investigated from friends or associates who are contacted by law enforcement.  Other times people learn they are being investigated because they receive a grand jury subpoena or a target or subject letter.  Sometimes people learn they are under investigation because accusations of misconduct are made in family law proceedings or in a business dispute.

Negotiations and Plea Bargaining

The reality is many criminal cases are handled outside the courtroom and in the negotiating room. Plea negotiations require the negotiation skills of a criminal defense lawyer like Kresta Daly. Ms. Daly will be your champion in these negotiations and make sure your rights are defended and interests represented.


In some criminal cases the stakes are so high the only option is to go to trial.  When that happens you need a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly.  Kresta is experienced in the courtroom and knows how to try a criminal case.  Trying criminal cases is not just about knowing the rules of evidence or how to give an opening statement.  Criminal defense attorney Kresta Daly spends countless hours investigating, meeting with her client and devising strategy to go to trial.


Kresta’s goal is to obtain the lowest possible sentence for her clients.  Criminal sentencing, in both state and federal court, is complex.  The facts of every case are different and every client is unique.  Kresta spends time with her client and with her client’s family first to determine the best strategy and the best arguments to be used at sentencing. Kresta develops a sentencing plan; specific things her clients need to do, specific things experts or investigators need to do and specific things she needs to do in order to achieve the lowest possible sentence.

Appeals and Writs

Any person who has been convicted of a crime can appeal their case, including their sentence and conditions of probation or parole.  An appeal asks a high court to review certain aspects of the case for legal errors.  The most common legal errors occur during jury trials and in sentencing.

Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is an often ruthless legal process through which the state or federal government seeks to permanently seize private property from citizens.  The government uses civil and criminal asset forfeiture to attempt to obtain assets.  Timing matters.  There are strict deadlines that must be met in order to successfully challenge the government’s attempts to seize property.

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