California Sex Offender Residency Restriction

KCRA Channel 3 News Interview

California needs to overhaul its sex offender laws.  Jessica’s Law, the rule requiring convicted sex offenders live 2,000 feet from a school or a park, is undergoing much needed change after the California Supreme Court’s decision in March of this year.  But, as I mentioned in my interview on KCRA Channel 3 last night, the law poses problems for law enforcement by pushing potentially dangerous sex offenders to the fringes of society where there is less law enforcement supervision and doesn’t make society any safer.

We also need to adopt a wash out for sex offender registration.  Not every person required to register under Penal Code section 290 should be forced to register for the rest of their life.  There should be a wash out, the duty to register should only last for 10 or 20 year.  Registrants should have the ability to earn their way off of the list.