Defending People Accused of Medicare Fraud

The federal government aggressively prosecutes Medicare fraud.  Common allegations include alleged schemes designed for illegal financial gain. Such schemes may include billing for services that were not rendered, inflating the cost of services provided, the deliberate sale of medically unnecessary services, and the payment of “kickbacks.”

Being accused of a Medicare fraud scheme or inappropriate approval for Medicare services can ruin your medical career and/or your legitimate business operation. If you think you are being investigated or you receive a subject or target letter you need to contact experienced criminal defense attorney Kresta Daly.

Federal criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly provides an aggressive defense for medical professionals and business operators accused of Medicaid or Medicare fraud. Kresta Daly thoroughly and aggressively investigates accusations.

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If you or someone you know is currently facing federal Medicare charges or you think you are being investigated for Medicare fraud consult a lawyer with experience in successfully defending against Medicare fraud allegations.  Federal defense lawyer Kresta Daly has experience successfully defending clients faced with Medicare fraud allegations.

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