Defending People Accused of Crimes Against the Public Interest

Accusations of corruption or crimes against the government can come in many forms.  Some of these crimes only apply to federal or state employees.  Other criminal allegations can apply to those working in private industry but who have contracts or other business dealings with local, state or federal agencies.

Federal and state employees are subject to a variety of laws that make conduct that is perfectly legal for private employees criminal for public employees.  Public employees are governed by reporting requirements and strict conflict of interest laws.

Most public corruption cases involve allegations of bribes, kickbacks or gratuity “in return for” or “in connection with some official act”.  A bribe or gratuity does not have to be given or received — the promise alone is usually enough to constitute a crime. Even if a public official corruptly accepts money for an act he would have taken anyway, he still may be guilty under federal bribery and public corruption statutes.

The intricacies of federal and state public corruption statutes, and the subtle defenses available require sophisticated legal representation at the earliest possible stage. If you or someone you know thinks you are being investigated for public corruption you need to contact experienced criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly.

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The Hobbs Act is a common tool used by prosecutors because it often allows them to pursue longer sentences than are available through other statutes.

In an honest services fraud case an individual can be prosecuted for the theft of their own honest services from the government or from a private employer, as long as the U.S. mails or interstate wires are used in connection with the alleged theft of honest services.

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