Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and IRS often investigate criminal allegations for months or years before they make a filing decision. The targets of these investigations frequently learn they are being investigated from friends or associates who are contacted by law enforcement.  Other times people learn they are being investigated because they receive a grand jury subpoena or a target or subject letter. Sometimes people learn they are under investigation because accusations of misconduct are made in family law proceedings or in a business dispute.

Regardless of how you or someone you know learns of an investigation, the important thing is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  Sacramento federal criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly has successfully handled countless cases pre-file.

In state court investigations people often find out they are under investigation when law enforcement attempts to interview them.  Once law enforcement has formed the wrong opinion of a person, they almost always need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Talking to law enforcement without the assistance and protection of a criminal defense attorney like Kresta Daly may work against you.

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By working quickly and effectively while a case is still being investigated criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly has persuaded state and federal prosecutors not to file charges or has negotiated an early disposition.  If you or someone you know is being investigated for a crime contact Kresta Daly.

Practice Examples

  • The FBI arrived at a client’s front door and started asking questions about some business deals.  The businessman told the FBI he was willing to speak with them but he wanted to consult with his lawyer first.  Federal criminal defense attorney Kresta Daly was retained by the client and began investigating.  A short time later she met with the FBI and the federal prosecutor.  After discussing the accusations and the results of Kresta’s investigation the government agreed to end the investigation.
  • A high profile client was involved in a contentious divorce and child custody battle.  His estranged wife alleged he illegally viewed child pornography and molested one of the couple’s children.  The client retained Kresta Daly.  Over the next several months Kresta proved the client had not viewed child pornography and his estranged wife told their child to make allegations against her dad.  Based on the information Kresta discovered both state and federal prosecutors declined to prosecute.

“I recommended Kresta to a client who was more than satisfied with her professional conduct of their case. Kresta prevailed in a challenging case. I would recommend Kresta again.”

Kara LaBella Parker