Experienced, Successful Sacramento Criminal Trial Lawyer

In some criminal cases the stakes are so high the only option is to go to trial.  When that happens you need a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly.  Kresta is experienced in the courtroom and knows how to try a criminal case.  Trying criminal cases is not just about knowing the rules of evidence or how to give an opening statement.  Criminal defense attorney Kresta Daly spends countless hours investigating, meeting with her client and devising strategy to go to trial.

Kresta Daly has been practicing criminal law for nearly 20 years.  During that time she has successfully tried more than 50 cases to verdict in both state and federal court. Sometimes the best tactic is an aggressive assault on the prosecution’s evidence.  In other cases the best defense can be to ask as few questions as possible to demonstrate the defendant had no involvement in the alleged crime.  Kresta Daly knows how to develop the best trial strategy.

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Kresta Daly relishes courtroom battles.  Whether its motions hearings, oral arguments on appeal or trials there is no place she would rather be than in the courtroom defending her clients.  She has the experience to recognize that not every case should go to trial and the ability to effectively and persuasively present the cases that should be tried by a jury.