Embezzling Against the Bankruptcy Estate Translated

The federal government prosecutes any kind of misconduct related to bankruptcy fraud, including embezzling agains the estate very aggressively.  The people most often prosecuted in connection with this statute are lawyers connected to a bankruptcy case.

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18 USC 153 – Embezzling Against the Bankruptcy Estate

(a) Offense.–A person described in subsection (b) who knowingly and fraudulently appropriates to the person’s own use, embezzles, spends, or transfers any property or secretes or destroys any document belonging to the estate of a debtor shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

(b) Person to whom section applies.–A person described in this subsection is one who has access to property or documents belonging to an estate by virtue of the person’s participation in the administration of the estate as a trustee, custodian, marshal, attorney, or other officer of the court or as an agent, employee, or other person engaged by such an officer to perform a service with respect to the estate.