Defending People Accused of Federal Drug Crimes

The DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] and federal prosecutors aggressively prosecute people who they believe are high-level drug dealers.  If you think you are being investigated you need to contact experienced federal drug crimes lawyer Kresta Daly as soon as you begin to suspect you are under investigation.

Federal law enforcement is typically focused on cases involving importation, transportation and manufacture of controlled substances.  In connection with drug crimes federal prosecutors also frequently charge mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering in addition to common drug charges.

Penalties for federal drug crimes can result in many, many years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.  Penalties depend on several factors including the kind of drug, the amount of drugs involved, and whether or not a person has prior offenses.

Asset forfeiture allows law enforcement to permanently seize property used in and derived from criminal conduct.  The law also allows the government to seize substitute assets in certain circumstances.

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If you or someone you know is under investigation by the DEA, the FBI or other law enforcement agency or being charged with drug trafficking, possession, manufacturing or a related federal drug crime charge you need to speak with experienced federal drug crime lawyer Kresta Daly.

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