Defending People Accused of Marijuana Crimes.

Attorney Kresta Daly and the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Barth Daly LLP represent people facing high level marijuana prosecutions.  More and more these cases revolve around the use of the internet.  In marijuana cases more than any other practice area, this is an area where the people’s rights collide with the aggressive, illegal tactics of law enforcement.

The attorneys at Barth Daly LLP have a history of narcotics defense that has given us expertise in Fourth Amendment law and the use [and abuse] of wiretaps. We understand the special vigor with which law enforcement pursues such cases—as well as the extreme and often even illegal lengths they go to apprehend and prosecute those suspected of drug dealing. Over the years, our firm has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting defender of those charged with drug trafficking and/or possession.

For any sophisticated, complex, or high-level drug case prosecution of the case often depends upon financial evidence – law enforcement follows the money.   Defending a marijuana case built on a paper trial is complex.   We have the experience in federal court, the financial expertise and the resources to successfully defense these cases.

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If you or someone you know is currently facing federal criminal charges involving marijuana or medical marijuana, consult someone with experience in successfully defending against narcotics offenses.  Criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly has successfully defended those accused in marijuana cultivation, grow, transportation, and distribution cases.

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With nearly 20 years of trial experience, including more than 65 felony jury trials, Kresta Daly and the criminal defense attorneys at Barth Daly LLP are equipped to assist you with a defense strategy tailored to the facts of your case.