Defending People Accused of Mortgage Fraud

In response to the financial crisis and the meltdown in the housing market the federal government has poured millions of dollars into investigating and prosecuting suspected cases of mortgage fraud.  Recently the government has also been investigating alleged fraudulent bailout schemes.

If you or someone you know has been accused of or is being investigated for mortgage fraud Sacramento Federal Criminal Defense attorney Kresta Daly has the resources and knowledge to defend you.

Federal criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly will investigate your case and present your side to the government. She has successfully handled numerous mortgage fraud cases.  Put her experience in defending mortgage fraud allegations to work for you.

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The government often alleges other crimes in connection with mortgage fraud allegations.  Those other crimes include mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, false statements and false statements on a loan application.

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Kresta Daly has the experience to investigate your case before any accusations are filed.  If trial is necessary she has been successfully trying criminal cases for nearly 20 years.