Federal Criminal Tax Defense

Facing criminal tax allegations is very serious and very scary. Typically people know for months or years in advance that they are being investigated for a tax crime – this is the best time to hire a criminal tax lawyer – before charges have been filed. Most criminal tax cases are defensible. If you are under criminal investigation or charged with a tax crime, you need a defense lawyer who understands the intricacies of the criminal tax laws.

A vigorous defense to a criminal tax charge must be grounded in the tax law and must show a jury that the errors were not intentional. Kresta Daly has successfully handled numerous criminal tax cases.

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Kresta Daly has nearly 20 years of experience defending people accused of crimes in state and federal court. She has more than 50 successful jury trials to her credit. With Kresta on your side you can feel confident you are being represented by a seasoned trial lawyer with the skills and courage to stand up to the government and attack their case. Kresta Daly has defended clients against allegations of failure to report income, fraudulently overstating deductions, structuring, preparation of false returns and failure to collect state and federal employment taxes.