Defending People Accused of State and Federal Financial Crimes

Federal and state law enforcement agencies aggressively investigate and prosecute a wide number of financial crimes. In 2009 the federal government started a Financial Crimes Task Force in response to the financial crisis.  Since then the number of financial crime investigations and prosecutions has significantly increased.

Kresta Daly is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has successfully defended countless financial crimes ranging from alleged Ponzi schemes, corporate fraud, embezzlement, pyramid schemes and more.  These crimes are especially complex and if you or someone you know is facing financial crime allegations, you need the assistance of experienced criminal defense counsel.

Criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly works with a vast network of private investigators, accountants and other financial experts to prepare the best possible defense in cases involving financial crime allegations.

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If you or someone you know is currently facing financial crime charges consult someone with experience in successfully defending against financial crime allegations in both state and federal court.  Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Kresta Daly has experience successfully defending clients faced with financial crimes.

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