Who is Sacramento Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney Kresta Daly?

Sacramento Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney Kresta Daly is among the most successful criminal defense and civil rights attorneys in Northern California.  Kresta has represented victims in civil rights cases from sexual harassment claims to law enforcement brutality.  She has successfully defended hundreds of individuals and companies in state and federal court. Kresta has defended all types of criminal cases including federal crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes and asset forfeiture.  Kresta believes the best defense against criminal accusations starts with getting to know her clients and understanding every detail of the accusations against them.

Kresta’s clients often contact her before criminal charges are filed.    In some instances she can persuade law enforcement not to pursue criminal charges.  In other cases she has persuaded law enforcement to dismiss charges or agree to substantially lesser charges.  When necessary, she is a formidable trial attorney and she brings those skills and her years of experience to defend her clients at trial.


Kresta Daly is a Sacramento Based Attorney who Fights with All Available Resources 

Kresta Daly fights to defend your innocence demanding the court and the prosecution treat clients as individuals and recognize that lives, families and reputations are at stake.  Getting to know her clients and understand what course of events brought them to her office is often crucial to building a defense to criminal charges or bringing a successful civil rights claim such as sexual harassment claims.

When everything is on the line, she is the person people turn to defend their reputation and livelihood. Kresta Daly was named Super Lawyer 2015, 2016, and 2017 a distinction reserved for less than 5% of lawyers.  Kresta is known for working quickly on the front end of a case, gathering evidence and resources so the real work of defending her clients can begin.

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A Boutique Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Law Firm

We have big firm convenience in a small firm setting. For our clients that means we deliver the finest in client service and utilize the newest technology at a cost much less than that of larger firms. Due to advances in technology we can manage cases technology and document intensive cases the same as large firms but at a lower cost and our clients have one point of contact, their lawyer.

Early on in her career Kresta made a name for herself defending people involved in political scandals.  Preparation is key and learning how to effectively handle document intensive cases set her apart from many of her peers.


Where is Kresta Daly’s Office Located in Sacramento and What is the Best Way to Contact Kresta?

Kresta Daly’s office is located in Downtown Sacramento at 1007 7th Street, Suite 214, Sacramento CA 95814. The best way to get in touch with Kresta is to call (916) 318-5677. Contact Kresta Daly Today


What Kinds of Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Cases has Kresta Daly Defended as an Attorney in Sacramento?

As a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney, Kresta has defended cases in many areas of law.  She has successfully defended people accused of a wide range of white collar crimes, federal crimes, such as violations of securities laws, accusations against public employees and politicians accused of ethics violations, mail and wire fraud, computer crimes and any number of white collar crimes.  During the nearly 20 years she has been practicing defending people accused of sexual misconduct has always been a part of her practice.  She has honed a special talent for successfully defending these difficult cases.  Kresta has defended these cases in federal courts, in  Sacramento county as well as counties all over Northern California.

Criminal Defense Areas of Law:

White Collar Crime

Kresta Daly operates in every case with the guiding tenant that protecting a client’s constitutional rights from government overreach is paramount. White collar crime cases have included mail and wire fraud, tax fraud, medicare fraud, insurance fraud, antitrust, securities violations, bankruptcy fraud and other financial crimes.

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Asset Forfeiture

Ms. Daly uses the law as a shield when the government attempts to seize hard-earned money and property. Asset forfeiture is an often ruthless legal process through which the state or federal government seeks to permanently seize private property from citizens. The government uses civil and criminal asset forfeiture to attempt to obtain assets. Time matters. There are strict deadlines that must be met in order to successfully challenge the government’s attempts to seize property.

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Federal Criminal Defense

Kresta Daly pursues every avenue to ensure clients receive a fair trial and the best defense possible. In complex cases experience counts. The stakes are very high in federal court. Federal crimes are aggressively investigated and prosecuted and can carry lengthy prison terms. With nearly 20 years of experience as a defense attorney in criminal trials, and more than 60 jury trials to her credit. Kresta Daly is a criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the federal criminal justice system.

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Sex Crimes

Sacramento attorney Kresta Daly has achieved unparalleled success in defending clients in sensitive criminal defense cases involving terrifying accusations, such as rape or child molestation. Being accused of a sex crime carries a stigma like no other criminal charge. The mere accusation of a sex crime can affect an individual’s personal life and their career. Kresta Daly is known for her ability to investigate cases, think on her feed and cross-examine witnesses.

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What are the first things you should do when facing Criminal Defense Charges?

If you suspect you are being investigated for a crime its time to hire experienced, aggressive legal counsel.  Many successful people think they can navigate the legal system on their own, that they can meet with law enforcement or government agents and explain to them what really happened and it will all go away.  The truth is it almost never works out that way.

The criminal justice system is extremely complicated.  There are countless crimes most people have never heard about.  By the time the suspect investigation learns they’re being investigated, the investigation has gone on for months, sometimes in years, before they are contacted.  Unfortunately this means law enforcement has already made up their mind about what they think happened.  Its imperative you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Sacramento based criminal defense attorney Kresta Daly has years of experience in successfully navigating the legal system.

What are the top things you should look for in a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are lots of very talented Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Kresta Daly tells many of her clients the same thing, pick the person you’re the most comfortable with.  There is a group of top tier criminal defense attorneys in Sacramento who are as good as any in the country.  From a legal perspective you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to that group of top tier lawyers its really about who you trust, who you will work with the best.  Being a defendant in a criminal case is stressful, there are lots of ups and downs.  For most people it’s the worst time in their life.  You have to pick the lawyer you trust.

Kresta Daly has been a criminal defense attorney based in Sacramento for nearly 20 years.  She has earned the trust and respect of her peers and her opponents alike.

What other resources in Sacramento should I know about when facing Criminal Defense charges?

Learn as much as you can about the accusations against you, what the defenses are, find out what the relevant jury instructions are. In order to do these things go to the County Law Library or one of the local law schools – their libraries are open to the public.

Do research on line.  There’s lots of irrelevant information out there but there is plenty of good information as well.  Clients often have the best ideas about how to defend their own cases.  Bring your ideas to your lawyer.  Kresta often tells people to tell her never edit out the details because you think those things don’t matter.  More often than not its those small details that make the difference in her client’s cases.

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