Read My New Book

Ok, our new book.

Matthew Fanetti, William O’Donohue, Rachel Fondren-Happel and I joined forces to write a totally new kind of text book. Forensic Child Psychology: Working in the Courts and Clinic is the first book directed at teaching undergraduates how to obtain accurate information from children involved in legal proceedings.

So many times in my career I have been involved in cases where poorly trained interviewers taint the memories of child witnesses. The consequences can be devastating in a criminal case.  Among the goals of this book is to train students in psychology, social work, nursing and criminal justice to actually work with children in the criminal justice system.

No other lawyer can lay claim to have been involved in writing the first text book of its kind.  For the first time students will learn not only from some of the top academics in the field but also from me, Kresta Daly. I have defended hundreds of people in state and federal court.  Cases that involve child witnesses and children who are victims of crimes.  I know how to defend these cases, I know how to spot the errors made by law enforcement, social workers and other people children come into contact with in the criminal justice system.  Now that expertise is being recognized and put to work in our new book.